Monday, August 4, 2014

La Brea Bakery Tour

“Breaking Bread with La Brea Bakery” Coming to Seattle on August 7, 2014


All are welcome to enjoy free bread in celebration of La Brea Bakery’s 25th Anniversary with an eight-day bread sampling tour of Seattle 



WHAT:           To celebrate 25 years of dedication to the craft of artisan baking, La Brea Bakery is proud to bring their fresh-baked bread to Seattle for an eight-day sampling tour.

·         La Brea Bakery Bread Masters (brand ambassadors) will be visiting buzzing metropolitan and suburban spots and handing out fresh-baked bread to bring a delicious surprise to Seattle

·         At the sampling locations – which are all open to the public – guests will enjoy complimentary loaves from La Brea Bakery’s line of artisan breads and La Brea Bakery coupons

·         Consumers will have the chance to win La Brea Bakery prizes by posting photos from sampling locations on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BreakingBread

         ·         La Brea Bakery will be sharing updates from the tour using           #BreakingBread and invites fans to follow along on Twitter and   Instagram @labreabakery



WHEN:             Thursday, August 7, 2014 – Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014- Saturday, August 16, 2014



WHERE:        The Breaking Bread tour will be moving throughout the city daily targeting the best sampling locations to bring joy to the people of Seattle and the surrounding suburbs. La Brea Bakery will share confirmed sampling locations and times in advance of the tour.

  • Downtown: University Street Station & Westlake Station – Thursday, August 7, 8:45 a.m.
  • Capitol Hill: Broadway East, between E Roy St. & E Mercer St. – Friday, August 8, 5:00 p.m.
  • PhinneyWood: N 85th Street between Greenwood Ave. N & 1st Ave. NW – Saturday, August 9, 12:00 p.m.
  • West Seattle: Harbor Ave SW & California Way SW – Wednesday, August 13, 8:00 a.m.



·         Seattle residents breaking bread together

·         La Brea Bakery Bread Masters providing complimentary samples around iconic Seattle hot spots

About La Brea Bakery:


La Brea Bakery is continually ranked as the premier artisan bread brand in the country. Founded in 1989, La Brea Bakery is recognized for its commitment to offering only high-quality and authentic culinary experiences to consumers and foodservice professionals.  The bakery operates a flagship storefront in Los Angeles, in addition to a casual dining restaurant in Anaheim, CA.  La Brea Bakery breads are available at major food retailers nationwide. La Brea Bakery is owned by ARYZTA, LLC, a leading manufacturer and distributor of bread, buns, cookies, pizza and other premium baked goods.   Visit for more information, become a fan on Facebook at, or follow La Brea Bakery on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram @labreabakery.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lilla Rose Summer Sale & July FOTM

Beat the heat this summer and put your hair up with our beautiful hairccessories!!  Enjoy our summer sale and our July FOTM (special early release)  Click on my website to see all our fabulous designs:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Olympus Spa

My daughter and I entered a Mother Daughter Look Alike contest last month and WON!!!

My girl is always hearing how much she looks like me, so it was really nice for those statements to be validated.  The prize was awesome!  $300 gift certificate to Olympus Spa.  We had quite a bit of competition, as several of our competitors really did look alike.

A few weeks ago we cashed in our prize.  It was really difficult to choose which services to get. We chose a body massage and spa pedicure.  The spa itself was really nice.  I've never been to a spa like this before.  This is an all women spa, and the hot water spas are "no clothing allowed." So be fine with your naked self if using that one.  The rest of the spa, we wear a robe and head cap.  They have several different infrared rooms for different types of detoxing and heat levels. You show up to your appointment about an hour early, depending on what service you are getting.  That way you can use these detox rooms to prep your body for the service.   I liked the charcoal room because it was good for detoxing EMF's, which we all need for all the radiation around us.

This was my daughter's first time getting a massage.  I asked her how it went and she said it was painful. Poor girl!  The masseuse said she would use a lighter touch, apparently not. And DD was too shy to tell her to lighten up on the pressure.  Needless to say, she didn't care for it at all.  My masseuse asked if it was our first time there, and I said yes, that we were the winners of the contest.  She said, "I knew you looked familiar, I totally voted for you guys."  That was too funny, and the fact that she voted for us was awesome. After our massages, we went back into a few of the heated rooms to continue the detox process.  My daughter had a zit on her face that would not go away. A couple of days after the spa, it finally went away. Maybe due to the detoxing process.  She also had a lump in her armpit that was kind of sore, like something clogged, and that diminished. So these detox rooms seem to really do what they say.

The spa has a Korean restaurant, so we went there for lunch.  I had the beef bulgogi, which was soooo yum.  DD had the yakisoba, and she really liked it too.  The menu had a lot to offer at reasonable prices.  They also have a tea room, which we didn't make use of.  After lunch, it was time for our spa pedicures.  We chose this service, so we could actually walk out of the spa with proof that we had something done.

All in all, we enjoyed our special time together and left very relaxed.  We spent about 6 hours at the spa.  I highly recommend this spa. Everyone was really nice and we enjoyed our services, except my daughter's massage. :) My massage was good though, and I had more knots going on in my back than I realized.  You can go to the spa and use the heated rooms without purchasing any services.  It's just a $38 day pass to use the facilities.  I wish they were closer to me, I would use the day pass regularly.  I was glad it was an all women's spa, but at the same time, it would have been nice to detox with my husband on a date or something. :) Of course, without all the naked women walking around, lol.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Evergreen Beauty College

Why have I never thought to go to a beauty college for services?  $12 for a haircut??? Seriously???  I was going to have my hair cut there along with my daughter, but my husband surprised me with one for Mother's Day.  He paid $65.  I took my daughter to Evergreen Beauty College yesterday and paid $12. 

My daughter's stylist just graduated high school last year. I gotta tell ya, I was a bit nervous.  My daughter has hair half way down her back and she wanted to get about 6 inches chopped off with layers.  I hope I didn't make the stylist nervous as I sat there and watched.  The instructor only came in the beginning, so she can describe to him what she was going to do.  She basically did the whole cut without supervision. I really don't know how long she had been in school.  At the end, she called another instructor to double check her work.  The instructor showed her a technique to blend in the layers better.  I noticed one side of my daughter's hair didn't look layered to match the rest, so I had to speak up, and she fixed it.  Our stylist did a good job, her instructor really didn't have to make any corrections in the end.  My daughter is super happy with her new hair cut.  And I'm super happy that it only cost me $12, plus tip.

You can check out their website and sign up for email specials.  Every month, they send a 50% off coupon for a particular service.  Their prices are really good compared to fancy salons. And, people were leaving happy.  You can get a facial, nail services, cut, and color, etc.

I'll definitely be looking for the 50% off coupon for a facial. I haven't had one done in years.  Think about going to a beauty school for your next service.  It's inexpensive, and they need the practice. :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Nature Box

I received my first box of snacks from Nature Box. I ordered the large size, which includes 20 snacks, plus they threw in a surprise gift of roasted chickpeas. We are total snackers, and it's difficult to find good healthy snacks that we all would enjoy.  My husband's snack packs consist mostly of nuts.  I don't know if he is bored of that yet, but I like variety myself. 

For my first box, I wanted my snack options to be a surprise.  Especially since I've never tried their snacks before.  It is a low cost monthly membership, starting at $20 a month. Depends on how big a box you want. It goes up to $49.95/month.  Shipping is free! You can cancel at anytime. Their website shows all the snack options. You can choose to be surprised each month or you can pick the snacks you want in your box.  If you happen to get a snack you are not fond of, just let them know and they will refrain from adding it to your future orders.

I received 5 bags of each snack, except for the surprise gift.  This was good because I wanted to open a bag of each one right away to taste them.  They are not very big bags, so I have to portion them out. Otherwise, a person can eat a whole bag in one sitting. My husband, for example. :) I like to put a variety of snacks into little snack baggies like these.

The snacks I received are:

PB&J Granola-Really good, my son's favorite. They are chewy and crumbly. They also have real strawberries in them for the jam factor.

 Apple Pie Oat Clusters- These are really hard. They are the least favorite and I won't be ordering these, unfortunately.

Poppy Seed Sticks- These crackers have an Asian flavor with the poppy seeds and sesame seeds.  It does contain onion powder to make them a savory type of snack. You may want some breath freshener after this one. :)
Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas-
These have a nice crunch, but are quite bland.  They will also make you quite thirsty. I may not order these again either. A different flavor maybe.
South Pacific Plantains- These are a favorite, especially my daughter's. Nice crunch and flavor. Very low in the sugar content.
Cranberry Almond Bites- These were my favorite snack of all.  Crispy, crunchy, and lightly sweetened.

We really like these snacks overall, and my husband wants me to continue receiving a box monthly.  I like the surprise factor, so I won't pick and choose the snacks I get. But I will opt out of the ones we are not too crazy about. Some of the bags have serving suggestions. Ways you can eat the snacks instead of just out of the bag. Like topping yogurt or oatmeal with them, etc...

Would you like to try Nature Box? Click here to save $5 on your first order.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Homemade Foaming Handsoap

Recently I posted recipes to make homemade skin care. This recipe uses the same base ingredients: liquid Castile soap and liquid aloe.  I found a recipe for a homemade four thieves® blend of essential oils from Deep Roots At Home blog to make this soap antibacterial. This soap has not been tested to see how effective it is at killing germs, but the essential oils themselves have.  

Once you have all your ingredients and supplies, this is so simple and inexpensive to make in quantity. Plus, there is no toxic chemicals, especially triclosan, which is in a lot of antibacterial soaps. 

Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

8oz bottle and foaming pump
2/3 cup distilled water
1/3 cup liquid Castile soap
1teaspoon liquid aloe
30 drops four thieves blend®  (or essential oil of your choice)

Combine all ingredients into bottle. Give it a shake or swirl every now and then to mix ingredients.

Some people may be sensitive to oils like cinnamon or clove. There are other essential oils that are good to use like lavender, lemon, or orange. These essential oils have good cleaning capabilities too.

I've placed a bottle of this hand soap in all my bathrooms and the kitchen.  The aloe helps moisturize our hands as we wash.  Again, it hasn't been tested, but it's made with soap so it should do the job with the added benefits of the essential oils.

Cinnamon Bark

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Mother's Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  Mine was special, as always.  My family decided to take me out to Seattle.  For brunch we went to Serious Biscuit.  I've reviewed Serious Pie here, and Serious Biscuit happens to be part of the same restaurant.  We've heard about the fried chicken biscuit, so that was something I really wanted to try.  Unfortunately, my daughter and I didn't think it was all it was hyped up to be.  The chicken seemed to consist of both white and dark meat.  That is fine with me, but my daughter is not fond of dark meat. It was crisp and a good size portion.  It was topped with tabasco black pepper gravy.  It had a slight bit of heat, but I didn't see any black pepper.  The dish itself was rather bland.

DH ordered the fennel sausage biscuit.  This dish had a lot of flavor.  The fennel sausage was complimented nicely with the sweet pepper relish.

DS ordered the peanut butter banana biscuit.  Of course he loved it.  Each dish was approximately $10. 

Serious Biscuit on Urbanspoon
We took the tram from Serious Biscuit to the Westlake Hub.  That is where the shopping district is.  My dear hubby wanted to buy me a dress or something nice to wear to my vendor events.  The first dress I found was at Barney's New York. It was a whopping $3000 and the matching cardigan was $1600.  We quickly walked out of the store.  Barney's is attached to a shopping mall, so we went in to check out the other stores.  Needless to say, I couldn't find anything in my price range. My husband wanted me to try on a dress that was $250. Much cheaper than Barney's but still!  While shopping, he surprised me by having my daughter take me to 7 Salon to get my hair cut.  I never did find a dress, but at least my hair looks good.

Dinner was at Seastar.  DH has been wanting to take me to this restaurant for a long time.  We've been staying away from seafood for awhile because of Fukushima.  We started off with a couple different types of sushi.  The Washington roll had smoked salmon, Dungeness crab, and green apple.  We were so proud of our kids for trying the sushi, and they happened to like it.  I was an adult before I liked sushi.  Next was the California roll, which my son liked better than the first.

I ordered the Applewood Grilled Wild NW Alaskan Salmon. This salmon was so tender, served with asparagus and crispy roasted fingerling potatoes.  This dish was perfect for flavor and portion.

DH ordered the Filet with Yukon Mash potatoes.  The steak was perfectly cooked and very tender.  He loved the mash potatoes and sauce that came with the dish.

DD ordered the Dungeness Crab Cakes.  They were pretty small, 3 on the plate with some greens.  She and my husband deemed them the best crab cakes ever.  My non-seafood son even liked them. She also ordered the Dungeness Crab and Sweet Corn Bisque.  We ended up returning it because neither of us were fond of the flavor.

DS ordered the Caesar Salad.  Poor kid doesn't care much for seafood, so the salad was his best option.

We just had to try the Coconut Cream Pie for dessert.  The serving size is for 2 people.  It looked pretty mounded up really high.  It tasted very good at first.  If the whipped topping was proportioned to the filling, it might have been better.  When we finished all the whipped topping, the filling seemed more pastey textured and wasn't very appetizing, though it still tasted good.

Our second dessert was the Banana Spring Roll Sundae.  We all loved this dessert too.  Very tropical and refreshing with the vanilla-orange caramel and pineapples.
Seastar Seafood Restaurant & Raw Bar on Urbanspoon

After dinner, our server asked if we needed our parking ticket validated.  My husband gave him the ticket even though we were parked 4 blocks away and it probably wouldn't have worked for us.  We told the kids that they should be careful not to lose their parking tab or the garage would charge for a whole day.  We walked all the way back to the car and realized that we hadn't got our parking ticket back from our server.  The garage was about to close, so we ended up paying $30 for a lost ticket. Ironic, huh!

We had a nice day spending some time in Seattle.  We really don't go there too often and I've never really shopped that district before.  Now I know why!  I'll stick to the outlet mall, lol.
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