Monday, March 26, 2012

Blessings-Working Mom?

I have been a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) ever since we found  out we were pregnant with our first child.  We decided to learn how to live on one income and get used to it before our child was born.  Over the last 14 years, I have had a few very short income producing stints.  Each job was very short lived.  I never really understood why until a few years ago.

The first job I got after mommy-hood was when we moved from Tennessee to WA.  The cost of living was almost triple and we figured one income would be tough.  My daughter was almost 2 years old and finding childcare was painful. Two weeks into my new job, I find out I'm pregnant.  I barely made enough to pay for one child's day care, it wasn't worth my working to pay for two kids.  Besides that, I really wanted to be home with my children.  I worked for 6 months then quit my job.  We worried about being able to afford to live on one income, but shortly after I left my job, my DH was promoted and got a raise that more than made up for the income I was making.  Most of my income paid for gas, work clothes, lunches, and childcare. There was hardly anything left in my paychecks to really help pay the bills anyway.

In 2006, we uprooted our family and moved from WA to CA.  My family was in Southern California at the time and we always had the idea in our heads to move back there.  My mom was/is a realtor and we thought we would go down there and partner up with my mom in the real estate business.  I got myself licensed with the Real Estate Board and immediately started helping my mom.  
I processed loans for her, which was perfect because I could work from home and the paychecks were quite nice.  But working on mortgage loans is a stressful job and I started putting my family second.  My mind was constantly thinking about work and I rarely cooked meals or cleaned house anymore because meal planning and cleaning were the last things on my mind.  My kids were going to public school at this time, so I wasn't concerned about homeschooling.

After living in CA for a year, we decided to move back to WA.  Yes, we miss the sunshine. :)   When we moved up north, I planned on getting my WA real estate license.  There was no question about it, but something kept holding me back from actually doing it.  My kids were still in public school since we had moved back during the school year.  That was a blessing too, because my daughter was able to make a couple of really good friends there.

For months I held back from getting my license and in the beginning of the new school year, we had the whole house purchase aversion going on.  The question about homeschooling cropped up and I wasn't sure I wanted to do it.  I guess you can say God convicted my heart at that time.  You see, my greed for money started to get into my heart and my mind.  I wanted to make money and have things and do things with that money.  HE told me that my main goal during this time in my life should be to focus on my family.  I needed to support my husband and his career.  I needed to homeschool my kids.  Basically, just give all my attention to God and my family and make our house a home.  Housekeeping is another story. :(

I know there are a lot of working moms out there and that may be what God calls them to do.  But for me, a working mom, I should not be.  I tried. Again.  I joined Pampered Chef a year ago and was feeling like it was my time to do something for me and socialize with other women and hopefully make some money.  This was the second time I had joined, the first time was like a decade ago and it didn't work out back then.  My kids were really young and I didn't have childcare.  This time, I put it all in God's hands and asked Him to make of it what HE will.  Well, HE didn't.  I was a consultant for all of two months!  I did get a lot of free goodies though.  HE spoke to me again and said concentrate on your husband and kids.  So that's what I'm doing!  As best I can anyway and I'm loving it!!

Has God spoken to you about anything lately?

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