Thursday, April 5, 2012

Forks Day 1

This past weekend was so rainy that we decided to embrace it and go to the "soul" of it-Sol Duc Falls and Forks.  The Forks area happens to be the wettest area in the continental U.S.  Before going, we let the kids watch Twilight so they could get an idea of why the place is so popular.  Apparently, there was no filming in Forks.  The book, however, is based on real places and buildings in Forks.

From Seattle, you can take a ferry boat across the Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island.  From there you would make your way to HWY 101, which takes you all around the Olympic Peninsula.  We've never driven around via Tacoma, so that's what we did on this trip.  The travel time is approximately the same.

We saw this little espresso stand, which had a banner that caught our eye.  We just had to stop and try their Lavender Mocha.

The Garden Espresso is located in Gardiner, WA on highway 101 right next to Sequim, which happens to be where there are a lot of lavender farms.  In July, they have a lavender festival.  It's right next to a set of buildings of wild birds.  This espresso stand makes lavender lattes and lavender mochas, so we ordered one of each.  The lavender they use is ground culinary lavender.  It is produced for consumption.  For the lavender latte, we ordered an 8oz. double shot.  This was a mistake because the espresso was too strong for the size of the cup and it did not taste good.  A single shot might have tasted better.  The lavender mocha we ordered was an 8oz. single shot and was absolutely delish!  They use a spicy mexican chocolate with the ground lavender and the blend was perfect.  If you are in this area, definitely stop and give their lavender mocha a try.
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As we neared Forks, it actually started snowing.

 That wasn't something we expected to encounter, but when we got to our destination, the weather was fine.  We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce first to get some info. on the area.  The man there was very friendly and told us about the filming of the movie.  He gave us a map of Forks, which showed us the location of Bella's house, Cullens' house, high school and places that were in the book.  These buildings were the actual descriptions in the book.  It was interesting to see how this area was capitalizing on the Twilight series.  It's great because it really boosted the town's economy.

Before checking into our motel, we stopped at Pacific Pizza to have a late lunch.  My DD loves chili, so that's what she ordered.  She seemed to like it pretty well.  My DH and DS ordered a pepperoni pizza.  They loved it and said it was really good.  I ordered chicken parmigiana.  Unfortunately, it wasn't to my liking. It was a big meal that came with a salad.  I just didn't care for the sauce, nor did the chicken have a crispness that I like for the breading.
pizza and chili
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chicken parmigiana

There happens to be a multi-cache here called "Twilight".  If you read my Geocaching post, you'll know that we like to cache in new areas.  This multi-cache was great because it took us to all the key locations found in the book.  Each site has a clue to give you the coordinates for the final cache.  The first stop is here at the Chamber of Commerce.
The red truck on the left is the truck in the book.  The orange one on the right is the one from the movie.
Bella's house
The high school

Miller Tree Inn Bed and Breakfast.
This is the original Cullen house in the book.
Entering Quileute Indian Reservation.
Where Jacob lives.

It also took us to the Quileute reservation where La Push Beach is located.  What a beautiful sight!  The Pacific NW coastline is just gorgeous!  It's not really a beach where you would lay down a towel and sunbathe.  It's a place to photograph and just enjoy the beauty of the landscape.  We decided to hike down to Second Beach, near La Push.  It's about a .8 mile hike and it is a bit strenuous coming back up.  You definitely want hiking boots because the trail it wet and muddy, especially this time of year.  Or maybe all year. I had on my Shape-up Sketchers and they got quite muddy.  The trail seems to be maintained and there are steps to make it easier going up and down.  .8 miles doesn't seem far, but it felt like a long walk.  It was well worth it when we got down to the beach.  We got there right before high tide started rolling in. Fortunately for us, the rain held back while we were on the beach and as soon as we got back to the car, it started pouring down hard.  We went to La Push, but stayed in the car to enjoy the view of the ocean and James Island.  It was rainy and windy, so we didn't get any pics.  We didn't see any whales, but we did watch a seal riding the waves.  The photos below are of Second Beach.
Second Beach

I do want to mention that most of these trails and beaches do not allow dogs.  It would have been difficult for our dog to get over all this driftwood anyway.  Luckily, we had put her in a boarding kennel for this trip.  For dinner, we stopped at Sully's Burgers.  They use really thin burger patties, so I ordered the Timber which is double patties. Their burgers were delicious and the fries were crispy.  They even have a "Bella Burger" that has pineapple on it.  It didn't sound appealing to me so we didn't order it.  I did, however, order
the "Twilight Punch", which is lemonade with strawberries.  YUMMY!  We really liked this little burger joint.

Timber Burger

The motel we stayed at was Dew Drop Inn.  It was clean, but very dated.  If you like pink and green, that is what you will see here.  The room was a good size with 2 double extra long beds.  They had a microwave and refrigerator also.  They also have a "Bella Suite" decorated in black and red.  There are actually quite a few motels in town.  The Miller Tree Inn B & B looked like a cool place to stay.  They do welcome children and pets in certain rooms. Kind of wished we had stayed there, but B & B's are usually more romantic places to stay.

I don't think I got a picture of the outside.  I'll let you know how our motel stay went on my post Forks Day 2.
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