Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheating on my Detox

We have been pretty good so far on our "Spent" detox.  We may not have been perfect, but we haven't been too bad.  Except for today.  My son made me a Mother's Day Apple tart during his Boy's Club class.  Of course, I had to eat it!!!  And it was delicious!!! I don't feel one bit guilty. :)  I did share it with my children and  I thought I would be nice and save a small piece for my hubby to cheat with too.

Tomorrow will be Day 9 and we will then have to start taking gluten out.  I've been doing okay, except yesterday I was pretty crabby, with no real reason why.  I've also been feeling bloated.  Maybe it's some sort of adjustment my body is going through.  I know I've been snacking a lot on nuts and drinking a lot of coffee because I want something to curb my sugar craving.  It is difficult to come up with meal ideas when you have to eliminate certain foods.  Not everyone is happy with the "healthier" meal options I have come up with.  I'll be sharing what we've been eating so far, soon.  This weekend will be tough.  My kids have planned to cook something for me on Mother's Day, so whatever it is, I will eat it.

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