Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coho Cafe

We recently visited this restaurant, Coho Cafe.  There are only two locations here in Washington-Redmond and Issaquah.  If you find yourself in either of these areas, you should give this place a try.  They have a very diverse menu, but I would say that it is a Northwestern style cuisine.  Their website has their menu, so you can peruse it before trying it to see if anything sounds enticing to your taste buds.  We try to order something different everytime we go.  I'll show you what we enjoyed on this trip and make a side note of dishes we've had in the past.

*They also sell movie tickets at a discounted price.  So make it a dinner and a movie date night!  Leave the kids at home, it's too expensive to take them out to dinner. :)  Well, mine anyway.  They no longer order off the kid's menu. Their website also has a recipes link and the recipes look yum. Join their email dining club.  You will receive a coupon for a free entree with the purchase of another entree. They will email you specials and discounts.  They have chef specials, which probably change, and half wine Mondays.

Our favorite appetizer is Fiery Sambal Shrimp-$9.99.  It has a tiny bit of heat and packs a lot of flavor. It comes with a creamy slaw that compliments the shrimp really well.  I could eat this all by myself, but I had to share with my husband.  And my non-seafood liking daughter actually tried this and liked it so I had to share with her too.

Other appetizers we liked:

Roasted Green Chile Cornbread Waffles-$3.25 The butter this comes with has agave.  I don't eat agave sweetener, so I may not order this again, but it is really good. They probably have regular ole butter, if you don't want the sweet agave butter.

Edamame with Spicy Sambal Sauce-$3.99 These were quite tasty, but edamame is a soy bean and I'm leary of soy.  Unless it's fermented, like soy sauce.

We ordered this Black Cherry Soda, which tasted delish.  We are trying to control our soda intake, so 1 bottle was split between my husband and two kids.  Their iced tea is really good, but it's a passion fruit type of flavor, not your regular black tea.

My husband and daughter both ordered the Baja Style Soft Tacos with the Mack & Jack's Battered Cod-$11.99.

They both really liked it, especially with the chipotle-lime mayo.  They also have seared Ahi or grilled chicken, if you don't want battered and fried fish.

My son ordered the Caesar Salad with Garlic Croutons and Asiago-$8.99.  He loved it the first time we visited, but this time around he seemed more picky.  Maybe it was just him, I'm sure their Caesar Salad is good.  You can add chicken or seafood to this dish to make it more of a meal.

I ordered the Northwest Seafood Fettucine with Parmesan-Basil Cream Sauce-$18.99.  Stickin' with my Northwest theme here. :)  I thought this dish was very tasty. I ordered mine without the roasted red pepper, that's a flavor I have to be in the mood for.  I would have liked more prawns and scallops, I think you only get two of each along with some bay shrimp and lingcod.  It looks like a small entree, but I was pretty full after eating this and the appetizer.

Other dishes we've tried:

Peanut Crusted Petite Beef Tender- $16.99 This has a Thai flavor with the peanut sauce, but this dish packs a punch of flavor.  It's really good.

Seafood Mixed Grill with Potato Gratin-$19.99 This one was pretty good, but I like a dish that is more hearty.

I'll have to get better at describing and reviewing food.  I'll work on that.

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