Saturday, May 12, 2012

Exam Day

As homeschoolers, we must take an annual exam to see how our kids are doing on a national statistical basis.  In our state, we don't need to show it to anyone, but just keep it on file.  I started my day by praying my kids would do well on the test. This is a reflection on me as their teacher and on them, as far as retaining information and actually learning what is being taught.  I really felt like we were behind all year and I didn't feel ready for the exam, but that couldn't be helped at this point.

After dropping them off, I headed to Seattle to have a breakfast date with my hubby.  Because of our detox, we had to go somewhere that had gluten and sugar free options.  We went to Portage Bay Cafe.  Their menu looked really good and they had a big selection of omelettes and scrambles.  They also have a gluten free section, but it wasn't sugar free.  I opted for the Spring/Summer Hash with Wild Salmon and DH ordered the Chorizo Scramble.

This was the Chorizo Scramble.  It comes with Queso Fresco (I think), Creme Fraiche, Roasted Potatoes, Tortilla.  I really liked this dish.  It had so much flavor and the Creme Fraiche was really tasty.  It tasted like sour cream.  I've always heard of it, but never tried it before.

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This was the Hash with Wild Salmon.  I didn't know what vegetables would come with it, but carrots and snap peas for breakfast is not appealing to me.  You basically get whatever vegetables are in season or what they have at the time.  Unfortunately, I did not like my dish.  The potatoes were soft and bland and there really wasn't any flavor to be had here.  I didn't even eat half my dish, I should have returned it, but I didn't.  I ended up eating some of my husbands food to help fill up my belly.  And yes, DH ate his tortilla and I ate half my toast. 

I would try this restaurant again, especially after the detox.  Their menu did look good and I would like to try some other dishes.  I'm not really an egg person and that's really all I could eat off the menu.  Although I did enjoy the Chorizo Scramble and I would order that again.

Time to pick up my kids and see how they did on their exams.  They both scored really, really well.  They did better than last year and scored Above Average and Significantly Above Average on their subjects.  Unfortunately, we can't wrap up our school year with this.  We'll need to work for a few more weeks before we can start summer vacation.

To finish off our day, we were invited to dinner at a friend's house.  The guy used to work for my husband and he is Indian.  He just got married less than two months ago after waiting for 2 1/2 years.  Apparently in their culture, they had to wait for his bride's older sister to get married before she was allowed to get married. So they waited 2 1/2 years and finally the happy couple were wed.  During this whole time, she was living in India and he lived here.  The invite was perfect timing, as the kids are learning about India right now.  We are learning about their religion and culture.  I wanted to pepper them with questions, but I didn't want to be rude. :)  They were very considerate and even ordered a couple of pizzas for my kids, in case they didn't like Indian food.  But my daughter does like Indian and my son was polite enough to try everything. (Because I told him to. :) )  He is also starting to like spicy foods.

 I also thought they were vegetarians, but they made Tandoori Chicken for us, which was spicy and good.  My son even liked it.  Apparently they'll eat chicken or at least the husband recently started to, but not sure about his new wife.  They also made Fish Biryani, which was super super spicy.  I had tears from heat coming out of my eyes and our faces were turning warm and red.  But we kept eating because it was so good.  They also made a couple of other dishes like curry potatoes and egg korma, which was boiled eggs in a korma curry sauce.  

I guess Indians eat dinner pretty late.  We were invited to come over at 8pm.  This was fine since we've been eating late dinners because of little league baseball games.  Our hosts didn't eat anything the whole time.  I think because their custom is to make sure their guests have food on their plate.  There needs to be someone to continually serve.  We left about 10pm and I hope they dug into what was left over.  We ate a lot and they sent us home with a big container of biryani.  

There was another Indian family there, which the guy currently works for my husband.  They had the cutest little baby girl.  She was 8 months old and had such beautiful eyes with long curly lashes.  The men mostly talked "work" stuff and made us laugh.  They were really nice people and we had a good time.  

You can see the spice on the Tandoori Chicken pictured with the Fish Biryani.  Everything we ate was delicious and spicy.  

Let me tell ya!  Life gets in the way of detoxing.  It's hard to be 100% committed.  But I think the majority of the time we've been pretty good and I'm trying not to feel guilty when we do eat something we are not supposed to.  I think the Indian food fell into our detox category, except for the Roti bread we ate and we did skip dessert.  So not too bad.

Busy fulfilling day, with great exam results!!!

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