Friday, June 29, 2012


I am lucky to have a friend who knows how to do a lot of things and is willing to teach us. Thanks "E"!  I have learned about gardening, emergency preparedness, stocking up, and quilting.  I've always wanted to learn how to sew clothing.  I never thought I would be interested in quilting because it just looked so tedious.  But I liked the projects she has done, especially the holiday quilts, which made me interested in making some myself.  Besides the beauty of quilting, I like that hardly any fabric goes to waste.  You can just load up on scraps and eventually put something pretty together with it all.  We made these about 2 or 3 years ago.

She was gracious enough to teach my daughter and me to sew quilts and even let us use some of her own stash of fabric.  My supply is growing, slowly.  The first project she had my daughter do was a lap quilt.  It turned out so beautiful!

Instead of "quilting" the layers together, we used ribbon and tied in knots.  She also encouraged us to use different or non-matching prints for the backing.  It doesn't always have to coordinate and it looks pretty cool. too.

My daughter did a great job and actually did most of this quilt herself.  I helped with a little bit of the cutting of fabric because that can be a bit difficult.

My first project was a table runner.  I was a very bad student.  She had me cut all my pieces at home, but I was so excited that I started sewing the pieces together before meeting up with her again.  I didn't do too bad, but had I waited, she would have shown me some tips and tricks and how to properly align everything.  
With this quilt, I just "stitched in the ditch", which means sewing along the seams to sandwich the layers together.  

These projects fueled my interest in quilting.  But my sewing machine was so bad that I couldn't do much until I could get a new machine. (I got a new one for Christmas, yay!) The quilt my daughter made was a fun easy project for a beginner.  Had I waited for my friend to show me how to piece my table runner together, it might have been easier.  But for a beginner, it was fun and looks pretty decent. 

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