Friday, June 22, 2012

Quinoa Salmon Burgers

A friend invited us over for lunch yesterday.  We are in our homeschool group together, but haven't seen each other in over 6 months.  It was nice to hang out and let our boys play.

On the menu was Quinoa Salmon Burgers, Chard salad, and grapes.  Everything was delicious.  If you want the recipe, it's from Nourishing Meals.  I have not really looked at this website, but my friend likes it.  Click on the picture to link to the recipe.

I have a big bag of organic quinoa, but only my daughter and I like it.  My son ate most of his sandwich and my daughter ate two.  They are not big fish eaters, but they really liked these salmon burgers.  I thought it was delicious and plan to make them myself.  The ingredient list calls for Herbamare, which I've never heard of.   Amazon happens to sell it and I'm sure I can find it at my natural food store.  I'll have to ask her.

Here is my lunch plate.  I brought Giant Breakfast Cookies for dessert, which I'll post about later and we had some super delicious tea.  It's called Samurai Chai Mate from Teavana.  This store is at my local mall, it might be in yours, too.  I'll have to get some of this tea, I'm sure my husband would love it.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time conversing with my friend and my daughter likes to hang out with us and listen to adult conversation.  Except she got bored when we started talking about healthy food.  This is her education to healthier eating, hopefully she is at least learning something from listening to us. :)  Our boys played the entire time.  It was an afternoon well spent.  Thanks "A" for lunch and the gift.


  1. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful meal and interaction.


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