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Sedona Day 2 Red Rocks

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This evening we planned to visit the Red Rocks in the area.  Sedona is a spiritual place, as well as an artsy place.  Each major rock structure has a name, according to what it looks like.  There are 4 vortexes in the area.  A vortex is a type of energy that is emitted from certain rocks, which is supposed to interact with who a person is inside. It resonates and strengthens the inner being.  We visited such a vortex near the airport called Airport Vortex.  On Airport Rd., there is a small parking lot on the left and a trail going up a hill. On top of that hill is one of the vortexes.  We climbed up and took in the view.  Absolutely beautiful!  I always thought I was someone sensitive to energy, but I did not feel anything up here, nor did any of my family members. We laid on the rock and tried to meditate a bit, but felt nothing, just relaxed.  Here are some views from the vortex.

The #1 sunset view is at Airport Mesa, just up the hill from this vortex.  We got there early enough to claim a rock to sit on and it started out peaceful at first.  Then more people came, which would have been fine, but a group close to us were talking and laughing so loud, it did not make for a pleasant place to enjoy the sunset. Plus, it was so hazy that we couldn't take photos, so we decided to visit Cathedral Rock, which is the #1 photographed rock feature.  We were losing daylight by the time we got there and we were trying to find a good place to take photos from.  We didn't get any good shots of Cathedral Rock, but now we know where to go the next time we are here.

You might be able to see the pillar in between the two big rock formations which together
makes this Cathedral Rock.
This was a romantic spot for sunset.  I stayed in the car while DH took pictures, but he saw a guy with his girlfriend and he had a bucket of ice with a bottle of wine or something like that.  There is another vortex here somewhere near Cathedral Rock.  There are places around town you can get maps or even at your hotel.  We got some of our maps free from the Film Museum in uptown Sedona.

This rock formation above is Bell Rock.  It is another of the vortex rocks.  You will need a Red Rock Pass to park here and at other stops on Hwy. 179, which is the Red Rock Scenic Byway.  The parking lots do have machines to buy your pass.  $5/day and $15/week.  We would have liked to hike to this rock, but we were wearing flip-flops and didn't think to pack hiking or tennis shoes.

Another site to see is the Chapel of the Holy Cross off Hwy. 179.

Slide Rock State Park is another good place to visit.  There is a natural waterslide to play with in the river.  We didn't get a chance to go there, maybe next time.

Visit the lady (owner) at Treasure Arts Gallery off Hwy. 179.  Great artwork and she loves to give out information about the area and places to eat.  She adored my children, which made her even sweeter. :)

Well, this concludes our stay at Sedona. I hope you were able to get some vacation and travel ideas from us, if you would like to visit this area some time.  There really is so much to do out here within a short driving distance, spend a few days and enjoy.  Tomorrow's post we are heading home, but visiting the Grand Canyon on the way.

Going Home-Grand Canyon

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