Monday, July 9, 2012

Celebrating 16 Years

DH and I have been married for 16 years!!!  God has blessed us many times over these past years and has also given us trials and tribulations.  But our love for each other always wins.  We are a team in this life and I couldn't have asked for a better man.  In all sappiness, I have a wonderful husband and I'm very blessed.

We went to watch "Les Miserables" at the 5th Ave Theater in Seattle.  I have seen this musical once before a very long time ago, but DH never has.  I remember my drama teacher would play this soundtrack everyday before class began, so by the time I saw the musical, I was familiar with the songs.  After watching this again, I really didn't remember a lot of it from before.  There were some raunchy parts and I definitely wouldn't have brought my kids to see it.  We did see some young teens and even kids younger.  I give my husband credit for taking me to the theater because musicals and plays are not his thing.  So it's a rarity that I get to go and I love the theater.  When intermission came he asked if it was over and was bummed when I said we were only half way through. :) It's really a good musical and the voices are amazing!!

Afterwards, we had dinner at Tropea Ristorante Italiano in Redmond.  A friend had recommended this restaurant and we tried it a few months back.  We loved our food and the service, so we decided to go for our anniversary dinner.

It's a small, quaint little place.  It has dim lighting giving it a more romantic feel in the evening.  They do not take reservations, but we were lucky to not wait for a table both times we went.  Our server on each visit was excellent.  They are very friendly and attentive.  I was not able to take pictures of our food because we didn't bring the camera and it was too dark for the camera phone to take good pictures.  Next time, I'll try to get some good photos.  They have a very extensive menu, with plenty of great pasta options.  You will get a complimentary bread basket with a delicious and very garlicky dip.

I ordered the Fettucine Mare Bosco ($19.99).  It's fettucine with shrimp, scallops, and mushrooms in a cream sauce with madeira.  The madeira adds a really nice flavor to the sauce.  We both loved this dish.  It was so flavorful and they give you a generous amount of large scallops and prawns.   DH ordered the Lasagna ($14.95).  It was a good portion size with chunks of sausage in the meat sauce.  We liked this dish also.  Both dishes came out fresh and steaming hot.  We ordered a pizza to take home. Pizza Margherita ($9.95)  I didn't taste it, but it looked good.  At the restaurant, we got a Mango Panna Cotta.  It's the first time I tried Panna Cotta and it was good.  It's like an Italian flan.  I'm just not a big fan of that type of texture, but DH liked it.  We also brought home a tiramisu and that was a mistake.  We had their tiramisu the first time we were there and it was the best I had ever had at a restaurant.  But taking it home, gave it a chance for the cake to completely absorb the liquid.  It became almost inedible and tasted like alcohol.  *So very important:   their tiramisu is delicious, just eat it at the restaurant.

I highly recommend this restaurant.  Food and service were fabulous!!  Very satisfied customers.

We spent a wonderful day together celebrating our anniversary.

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