Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lunch in Monroe

Last week we had lunch with a friend in Monroe.  More like brunch, but we decided to go to  Hitching Post Cafe.  It's located on Main Street and is a cute little cafe.  It's kind of small and doesn't have a lot of seating, but cozy.  There is a lot of beautiful artwork on the walls with a historical western ambiance.

By the front door

Their menu looks really appetizing and it was difficult to choose whether to get Chicken Fried Steak breakfast or a burger.  The prices seemed kind of high to me, but you can check out their menu online to see for yourself.  My daughter and I are not big breakfast people so we opted for lunch items.  She ordered a bowl of Chili.  I think it was $6.99.

The chili was good, but it had a real kick to it.  She wasn't able to eat much of it.

I ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger ($11.99), which is one of my favorite types of burgers to get at restaurants.  This one was yummilicioso!!!  Their burgers are freshly handmade.  It was juicy, well seasoned, and well cooked.  I usually eat it with just mushrooms and cheese, but this time I had all the toppings on it.  It was a big burger and I ate the whole thing, it was so good.  I ordered it with the onion rings and those were good too.

My friend ordered the Full House ($10.99), which was flapjacks with eggs and bacon.  I didn't ask her if she liked it, but it looked okay. Honestly, it's priced too high.  I can make it at home easy with a fraction of the cost.   My son ordered the Cowboy ($9.99?), which is the same dish, but with less food.
Full House
They also make pancakes for kids in the shapes of Mickey Mouse or Zoo animals.  Our server was really nice and we all enjoyed our meal and hanging out together.  It's a really cute place and I definitely recommend the burgers.  Our server gave us a punch card and after 10 punches, we get a free meal.

After lunch, we walked down Main Street to check out some shops.  We found this cute little store with handmade soaps and lotions.  They also had crafts made by other local artists.  The owner, Patti, was really friendly and helpful.  She makes her soaps there in the shop and allows people to watch her.  This made me happy because making my own soaps is something I want to learn how to do.

As you enter the door, you'll see this.  Funny!

Wall display of a bunch of yummy smelling soaps.
I bought one of the Vanilla Almond soap bars for $3.00.  It smells sooo good.  I have yet to try it though.  Visit her store, she has a big selection of soaps and other goods.

We also stopped at Main Clothing Company.  It's a cute boutique with high-end fashion.  Next door to that was The Vintage Violet.  The owner here was super nice.  There were a lot of cute things here and all really well priced.

There are a lot more shops along Main Street that we didn't get to.  I like to visit and support locally owned businesses and there is a variety of shops to check out here.  I had fun visiting with my friend and our kids were pretty well behaved and patient with us while we did some shopping.  Fun day!

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