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Dining in Lincoln City, Oregon

I mentioned earlier, the reason we came out to Lincoln City, was to visit Otis Cafe.  Apparently, this little cafe is famous.  I say little because it really is.  There are only 5 tables and seats about 26 people.  Besides Peter Jacobsen, famous golfer, Martha Stewart has also been there.  They have also been written up in the NY newspapers.  We got there early, right when they opened at 7am.  The lady said they get really busy by 9am and people are waiting out the door.  With only 5 tables, I'm sure that's true.

After our long trek on the beach searching for glass floats, I wanted something hearty and not sweet.  My husband and I opted for the Chicken Fried Steak.  It looked really good, but there was something off about the flavor.  Maybe the gravy was just different from what we are used to, but I didn't enjoy it.  The hashbrowns were really good and DH ordered their famous "German Potatoes" with his dish.  They are "German" because they top the hashbrowns with green onions and white cheddar cheese.  The cheese really boosts the flavor, although we nixed the green onions.

Chicken Fried Steak

It came with eggs (cooked perfectly) and a choice of toast.  DH got black molasses toast, he loved it.  It was a bit too pungent for me, but maybe that's just me.  I got the sourdough toast and it was the best I've ever had.  You can buy these 2# loaves of bread for $5.50, if you get there early.  They sell out fast.  My daughter ordered the Chorizo Scramble.  This had a big kick of heat.  This too, wasn't to our liking.
Chorizo Scramble

We must have just ordered the wrong dishes for such a popular little restaurant.  I don't want to give it bad reviews since we only tried a couple of dishes.  My son loved his buttermilk pancake and both he and DH said their sausage was the best.  Their prices are quite steep, $3.75 for one sausage patty.  $11.95 for the chicken fried steak and $9 for the chorizo scramble.  But the servings were plentiful.  I would have liked to try their cinnamon roll french toast, if I were in the mood for something sweet.  Their website doesn't seem to have their full breakfast menu, but you can click on the link above to check it out.  They also serve lunch and dinner.  DH loved this little diner and the food for the most part.  Everything is homemade and freshly cooked.  I would go back to try their other dishes. Otis Cafe on Urbanspoon


We tried 2 coffee drive thru kiosks.  One was Mojo.  They are the only kiosk I've seen to serve drip coffee.  They serve Stumptown beans and the brew I ordered was called Holler Mountain (organic).  This coffee was so good that we bought a bag of beans to take home.  A 12oz bag was $13.95.  Unfortunately, I can't get it to taste the same at home. DH liked their iced lattes. Mojo Coffee Co. on Urbanspoon

The other kiosk we tried was called Panache.  It's a cute lighthouse building.  I ordered the Hazelnut Mocha and it was delicious.  DH also liked their iced lattes.  I wish I had tried the regular mochas at both these kiosks because that's how I rate espresso shops.  Mochas are my favorite! I must also like my husband's iced lattes, too.  Some places have really strong bitter espresso, but at both these places, I was able to drink his iced lattes and taste the smooth espresso bean flavor.  Good!

Lighthouse Doughnuts had awesome donuts.  They had my favorite: chocolate topped with peanuts.  The one I got was actually made with honey whole-wheat and it was delicious.  We ordered half a dozen donuts for $5.50.  We were deciding to get either a cinnamon roll or a donut topped with cinnamon crumbs and opted for the cinnamon roll.  When we got in the car, I opened the box and the sweet lady gave us both, so we had a free extra donut.  The baker also made macaroons that day.  Apparently, he makes them once in a while.  We got 3 for $2, 2 plain and 1 with dark chocolate.  Very good!! Lighthouse Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

For dinner the first night we visited Lincoln City, my family wanted pizza, but I wanted to try the Chicken Tacos at Super Oscar's.  It looked like the kind of Mexican joint in Southern California where I get the best chicken tacos ever.  I've never been able to find similar chicken tacos up north.  Until Oscar's.  I was in chicken taco heaven.  The shells are super crispy, freshly fried and the chicken was tender with almost the same flavor I get in SC.  They did not skimp on the meat and fillings.  The next day, my daughter ordered the chicken enchilada platter for a snack.  That too was so delicious with their rice and beans.  Those were the only two things we tried here, but we loved it.  We just went through the drive-thru, so I don't know what it was like inside. Super Oscar's Mexican Food on Urbanspoon

My family ordered pizza from Galucci's Pizzeria while I devoured my chicken tacos.  A 15"  pepperoni pizza was $20, pricey.  I only ate half of one because I was already full.  It tasted okay, but having a full belly could have altered my taste buds.  It was loaded with cheese, but not enough sauce.  Everyone said it was just okay. Unfortunately, the reviews on the place are not much better. Gallucci's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

For our last night, we wanted a nice dinner.  There are a lot of seafood places to visit.  I wanted steak and seafood, DH wanted seafood pasta.  We finally decide to go to the Mist.  It's located at Surftides Hotel and our hotel gave us a 20% off coupon.  The prices must have changed because some of our dishes were priced higher than the online menu.  We were sooo disappointed with the food and I wish we had gone somewhere else. I must give an honest review of this place, even if it's really bad.  The one good thing is their prices were decent, but if the food isn't good, it doesn't matter.  Their clam chowder (bowl $6) was pretty good, very hearty and one bowl will probably fill you up.  (Everyone claims to have the best clam chowder along the coast).  For starters, we ordered the Fried Calamari ($8).  It came out really crispy, but under-seasoned and the calamari was tough and chewy.  I had to return it.

Fried Calamari

My son ordered the cheeseburger ($9).  He tried to eat it, but it was charred and burnt, so we had to return that too.

DH ordered the Halibut Fish and Chips ($16).  This was just really, really bad.  The batter had no seasoning and it was very greasy, like it wasn't fried properly.  The fries were also limp and very greasy.  This whole dish was just inedible and I wish we had returned it, but we had already returned 2 dishes and felt bad about it.  We should have just returned it because they needed to know it wasn't good at all.

Halibut Fish n Chips

I ordered the Surf and Turf ($16).  The steak was a flat iron cut and actually tasted pretty good.  It comes with fried lingcod, prawns and a scallop.  All deep fried, but I asked for my prawns and scallop to be grilled instead.  The fried fish was bad, greasy and flavorless. The grilled prawns were good, but the scallop seemed raw and I was afraid to eat it.  I asked my server about it but he didn't know, nor did he ask the chef.  It also came with garlic mashed potatoes, which had a good flavor, but was almost cold.
Surf and Turf

I half expected the manager to come talk to us since we had returned a couple of dishes, but he or she never came.  I guess they didn't care or didn't want to hear our opinions.  I won't say we were complaining just to be picky, the food was really cooked improperly and under seasoned.  Save your money and go somewhere else! Mist Restaurant & Lounge@ Surftides Hotel on Urbanspoon

All in all, our dining experience was okay here in Lincoln City, but the coffee and Oscar's Mexican food were excellent. Oh, and the donuts!


  1. The Chicken fried steak is looking very tasty. All in all, this made my mouth water and detecting a hint of the Southern fry Cajun cuisine, makes this my next travel eat on which I am known to go to places just to eat.

  2. Wow u really are a complainer

    1. I'm just giving an honest review of these restaurants on Urbanspoon, so other people can decide whether they want to give them a try or not. I'm also just reviewing the dishes I tried, doesn't mean the whole restaurant is bad. I also had a lot of positive reviews on this post.


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