Friday, January 18, 2013

Shanghai Gardens

We celebrated my husband's birthday with a dinner out to Shanghai Gardens.  We were originally going to pick some place fancy in downtown Seattle, but our kids are not young enough for the kids menu and really not old enough for a $30 plate (give or take a few bucks).  So we decided to go to one of our family favorite restaurants instead.

We've been going to Shanghai Gardens in Issaquah for many years.  We generally order the same dishes everytime.  One thing I noticed was the difference in spice level when we have our kids with us.  None of our dishes were ever spicy, but when I went there on a mom's night out, our normal chicken dish was really spicy.  I think they might take into account the level of heat when children are present.

We've always had a good experience at Shanghai Gardens.  The service is friendly and the food comes out with lightning speed. They bring the dishes out as they are ready, not waiting for everything to be done before delivering the food. It's all served family style, so we share everything. Their complimentary Jasmine hot tea is delicious. Surprisingly, you have to pay for your little cup of rice per person.  I'm used to getting rice as a freebie, but here it has gone up from 75 cents (I think that was the price a few years ago) to $1.50 a cup. That's a big profit margin on white rice. You can also choose brown rice for an additional cost.

Here are the dishes we got at our last visit.

Crispy Chicken with Sweet Chili Sauce

This is a favorite dish.  The Sweet Chili sauce is really good on the crisp chicken.  This is the dish that is not spicy when we have our kids, but when I didn't have my kids with me it was.

Another chicken dish worth trying that's different is the Strawberry Chicken.  I didn't like it much at first, but after the initial try, it was actually really good.

Hand Shaven Noodles with Chicken
We love this dish with chicken.  The noodles are delish and it comes with scrambled eggs and sauteed spinach.  The sauce is light and flavorful.  I'd like more noodles in the dish though, there didn't seem to be enough.

Crispy Orange Beef
This is my son's favorite.  This one is not spicy either, but don't know if it would be without my kids present.  The beef is crisp and tender with an orange sauce glaze

Honey Walnut Shrimp
We get a different shrimp dish most times we go this restaurant.  This one is the Honey Walnut Shrimp and I really can't recall if we've ordered it before.  It was good, but I could only eat a couple of pieces before I didn't want anymore.  The sauce was kind of a thick buttery honey coating and it might have just been too buttery.

I can't remember the one shrimp dish we really liked, it might have been one with a chili garlic sauce.  The Crispy Shrimp with Mango Sauce was good to because they put the mango sauce on the side.  Crispy Shrimp with Sweet Chili Sauce is good, but we don't want two dishes with the same sauce.

Mango Ice Cream
This ice cream was the complimentary dessert for the birthday boy.  Very refreshing mango flavor.

We love this restaurant and always leave satisfied and probably a glucose spike.

Birthday Boy's fortune

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