Friday, February 15, 2013

Khan's Mongolian Grill

*This place is closed.  The owners decided to retire.

Khan's Mongolian Grill in Issaquah is our favorite Mongolian restaurant. We've been dining there for years.  They have 3 different serving bowls to choose from.  We always get the medium bowl, which is now $8.95. The price has increased over the years. It seems pricey, but you get a lot of food, depending how full you fill your bowl.  You get to choose your noodles and vegetables and add them to your bowl.  They have a huge selection of vegetables and you can pile your bowl with as much as you want.  Everything is fresh and our kids get to choose what types of vegetables they would like.  They usually just go for the baby corn and carrots.
Mongolian Grill

Piled high

When you get to the grill, you can choose what kind of meat and sauce.  They have a good selection, but I always get the chicken with mongolian sauce.  My husband always gets beef with spicy peanut sauce.  I think they give us just the right amount of meat, but you can pay extra for more. They grill up your bowl of veggies with the meat on their hot flat top and serve it up with a little bit of rice.  The sauce is served on the side so you can drizzle your dish light or heavy with it.  Or if you find the sauce is not to your liking, you can request a different one.  The mongolian sauce is not too sweet and not too soy saucy, it's just right.  I only get one side of sauce, but my husband likes his extra saucy and  requests two.

My plate, the cook gave me extra rice

DH's plate with 2 sides of sauce


It's quick and customized to your liking.  The variety of options are endless and the sauces we've tried (just the two) we really like.  Someday I might try the creamy mushroom sauce.  Really good food here.

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