Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Everyone chooses to celebrate Valentine's Day differently or not celebrate it at all.  I hear a lot of people say they don't want to be told "when to celebrate their love" or what not.  The problem is, everyone is so busy these days, they forget to show how much they love their spouse.  When your dating it's different.  It takes a day like Valentine's Day to be romantic again besides birthdays and anniversaries.

We decided a few years ago that we would celebrate Valentine's Day a day early.  My husband never fails to send me roses on V-Day.  One year, he ordered 2 dozen long stem red roses and what I received were white and green roses.  We were so disappointed and called the florist.  They said they ran out of red roses and had to substitute.  They ended up giving us a discount, but they pretty much ruined our Valentine's.  I love red roses and the arrangement I got was not a worthy substitution.  They could have at least called and let my husband know they were out of red roses so he had the option of getting something else.

After that, we decided we would celebrate Valentine's on our own day.  I told DH he didn't have to order me flowers this year, that we could just go to a nice restaurant.  I remember one year for Mother's Day I had told him the same thing and he didn't order me flowers.  He just felt so wrong about it that he rushed to the florist and spent top dollar for their last floral arrangement.  He had also surprised me with flowers a couple of weeks ago when he brought them to me at our homeschool co-op.  They were apology flowers for an argument we had.  It was the sweetest thing, I definitely couldn't stay mad.  So even though I told him not to send me flowers this time, I wasn't sure what to expect.

Last night, we helped out the economy celebrating V-Day.  It turned out to be an expensive day, but we had the best time together.  I thought we were just going to dinner, but he surprised me first with a "couples massage" at Massage Envy.  I'm so glad I had just shaved my legs because I had gone all winter without.  I mean, why bother if I'm just wearing jeans everyday, right?  I wished I had given myself a pedicure though because I had my feet massaged, too.  While we were filling out the paperwork and waiting for the massage therapists, I saw one of the gals bring a vase of roses into one of the rooms.  Then I realized I didn't get flowers and figured my husband actually listened to me.

We went into the "couples room", which has 2 massage tables in it.  My husband said, "Happy Valentine's Day, and the flowers are yours too."  On the table were the flowers I saw the lady bring in.  What a SWEET HEART!  I have decided, I will never tell him to not get me flowers because he'll just do it anyway.

After our massage, we went to dinner at Wildfin American Grill in Issaquah.  This was our first visit here and we were kind of wary because the reviews weren't all that great on Urbanspoon, but we decided to give it a try anyway. Most of the reviews were from a couple of years ago when they opened, so it's possible they have improved since then.  So glad we went because we had an exceptional dining experience.

The restaurant was nice, clean, and had a good ambiance. They were pretty busy on a Wednesday night and we didn't have reservations, so we waited about 10 minutes.  Wildfin has a big selection on their menu and everything sounded so good it was difficult deciding which to try first.  Our server was in training, but she did a great job.  She explained the menu and told us her personal favorites to help us decide.  We opted out of getting an appetizer so we can have room for dessert.  Their menu is based on Northwestern flavors and mainly seafood, hence the name.  We like that they partnered up with a lot of local Northwestern companies for their food supply.  We placed our order and waited.  I'm not sure how long it took to actually get our food, but we were hungry and asked for some bread.  There are two choices, the individual serving or group serving.  We got the individual: 2 slices of ciabatta with a super yummy butter flavored with lots of garlic and rosemary. ( I think rosemary, there was an herb in the mix)  The group serving would be the whole loaf of ciabatta.

DH ordered the Fish Tacos ($14.95).  He debated between that and the Fish and Chips, but since he had a really good workout that morning, he chose the healthier option.  Wildfin has a lot of lower calorie dishes and they are marked with an "SF" for SlimFin.  He got a serving of 3 fish tacos and a side of a corn relish.  He wasn't quite sure what to think of the corn relish and didn't eat much of it, but he absolutely loved the fish tacos.  The fish was well seasoned and it was topped with tomatillo salsa and chipotle aioli.  The online menu says chipotle aioli, but my husband thought the actual menu said jalapeno ailoli.  Regardless, he loved the aioli.  Even when we got home he was wanting more fish tacos.

I ordered the Land and Sea Oscar ($26.95).  I love steak and seafood combos.  This dish comes with Copper River Salmon, beef tenderloin (good enough size), crab, 1 prawn with fingerling potatoes and bearnaise sauce.  I was so happy with my dish.  Everything was cooked perfectly and seasoned very well.  The bearnaise sauce was really delicious.  It was creamy and didn't have an overpowering tarragon flavor.  I could have used a little bit more sauce as they went light on the amount.  It looks like there is not much food on the plate, but it really was the perfect serving size.

We decided to go with the Chocolate Overload Cake ($6.50) for our dessert with a cup of coffee.  I was kind of nervous because I wasn't sure if I wanted something too sweet or too rich.  But chocolate and coffee go well together, so do donuts and coffee and the donuts sounded really good too.  We'll have to try that next time.

We started digging into our dessert before we remembered to take a picture. It's a layered chocolate cake with a fudgey mousse-type filling.  I don't remember the description.  I thought I was in for a super rich bite BUT it had a really balanced, delicate chocolate flavor and wasn't overwhelming at all.  It was perfect with the Tillamook vanilla ice cream.  Overall, we were very pleased with our delicious meal and our server did a great job. We left very happy.

Thanks to my wonderful husband for a lovely date!!!
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