Monday, April 1, 2013

Bella Balducci's Mediterranean Cuisine

A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday at this restaurant Bella Balducci's Mediterranean Cuisine in Monroe.  This is the first time I went to this place and it  was a really great visit.  The restaurant looked clean and had nice decor.  We had about 16 or so women in our party and they accomodated us very well and in a timely manner.

They have a belly dancer that comes in once a month, on the third Saturday.  (Verify that if you for sure want to see the belly dancer)  This wasn't her night to dance, but my friend requested for her to come for her birthday entertainment.  She told the guy who works there that if the belly dancer didn't come, then he would have to dance for us.  So he might have pulled some strings to get her to come.

The belly dancer was beautiful and a great dancer.  We had so much fun as most of us women got up to try and do the moves with her.  She is also a dance teacher and she was teaching us how to do some of her moves.  She danced for us for half an hour, then she had to rush to her other performances somewhere else.

The menu has a great selection of mediterranean cuisine like gyros and falafels.  Italian choices, like pastas, were on the back of the menu.  Their prices are GREAT!  They also serve rack of lamb, which I was too chicken to try.  But it was only $13.95. I would expect something like that to cost more.  It was a hard decision to make but I love gyros so I chose the Beef and Lamb Gyro (5.95) and Greek Fries (2.75).  They actually had  a combo special to get the gyro, fries, and drink for (6.95-or something like that).  It also came with feta cheese; most other gyro restaurants make you add feta for an additional cost.

I had already taken a couple of bites before remembering to take the picture.  I would have posted a picture of our dancer too, but my phone doesn't take very good photos in dark places.

This meal was very filling and satisfying.  The gyro was deliciously flavorful. The fries were good and crispy and came with a dipping sauce of ketchup and mayo, from what I can tell.  Our waiters were very friendly and we all had a great experience here.  I would like to come back and try their other dishes, especially the rack of lamb.  Other reviewers have said it was really good.

My friend is a regular at this restaurant and I can see why.  So if you are out in Monroe, give them a try.

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