Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Break-Wenatchee

We had our spring break a few weeks ago.  It's been raining so much in our area that we wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny, but not too far away.  DH loves the Wenatchee area because it kind of reminds him of Southern California.  We were going to camp out with the RV, but those plans changed when we brought the RV home to get it packed up.  I found mushrooms growing in the carpet of the bedroom.  How is that even possible?  The carpet was soaked on my side of the room.  We couldn't tell where the water was coming from.  It seemed like the roof was sealed and didn't see water coming from the ceiling.  DH removed a carpet covered wooden piece which concealed some pipes.  He didn't see any water leakage.  I ran all the faucets in the RV and he still didn't see water leaking from the pipes.  We are quite stumped.  Looks like we (or he) will be replacing the floor in the RV soon.  Even the kitchen area floors have softened and it's easy to see them give a bit when DH walks over it.  It's only 7 years old, but our wet state seems to be aging it faster.

We decided not to camp out with the RV because it looked like there was mold from the water damage and we didn't have time to fix it before leaving.  So instead, we booked a hotel in Wenatchee.  We got a really good deal at Best Western Chieftain Inn.  The hotel was very clean and smelled good.  Our room had a fenced in patio.  We were able to park right next to the room so loading and unloading was very easy.  The room had a microwave and fridge.  They also had a little Keurig for coffee.  There was a heated outdoor pool and hot tub.  Complimentary hot breakfast in the morning as well.

I would highly recommend this hotel.  We enjoyed it very much.

Dining:  Taco Loco- Seems to be a popular local restaurant.  Very small with few tables.  This was our second visit here.  This time I ordered their featured dish.  Don't remember the name but it had shrimp with bacon and carne asada.  It was very good only because it came with seasoned grilled peppers and onions.  I used to not like those things, but I do now.  The steak and shrimp weren't seasoned, but the peppers and onions added lots of flavor to the dish.  It was also served with tortillas.  DH had fish tacos and loved it.  DD had masa boats.  They seemed to be fried and kind of hard to eat.  The dish was kind of plain, but DD liked it.  All in all, we like this place.  The hostess/server is great.Taco Loco on Urbanspoon

Mai Lee Thai-  This also seems to be a local favorite.  Super friendly service, but the food was okay for the most part.  It was on the sweeter side.  We ordered Phad Thai-this dish was not to our taste; too saucy and thin noodles; Phad See Ew: noodles were over cooked but the flavor was good.  Panang Curry with Chicken had good flavor.  Chicken Satay was really good.  Somehow we got our Thai Iced Tea on the house.  We were well taken care of at this restaurant with great service.  I wouldn't order the Phad Thai or Phad See Ew here again, but we would probably try other dishes.Mai Lee Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Crescent Bar-B-Q- This is a food truck.  They have a permanent sign out front so it looks like they are building the restaurant, but in the mean time serve out of the food truck.  Their menu looked great although they didn't have some of the things I wanted to order on hand.  DH ordered the brisket sandwich with baked beans and coleslaw.  He loved the sandwich and baked beans, but wasn't happy with the coleslaw.  DS ordered pulled pork sandwich- it was good but could have used more barbecue sauce than what they put on it.  DD ordered barbecue chicken sandwich and she loved it.  I order the cheeseburger-pretty good.  All sandwiches were served on a ciabatta roll; I prefer a regular hamburger bun. Their fries were cooked perfectly.  I got the garlic fries and they were definitely garlicky and yum.

These big rocks were placed here by the glaciers
Activity:  We picked up a map of the Ice Age Flood Tour.  There are two options.  One is a 30 mile loop and the other is 140 miles.  We didn't have much time in our day when we started the tour so we did half the 30 mile loop.  You really need a GPS device for this because the map has gps coordinates for each stop.  We had to guess most of the time at where the stopping points were because we didn't have our gps.  The landscape is really cool in this area, lots of rock formations and you get an idea of the path of the glaciers.

We took a drive to Quincy from Wenatchee on Hwy 28 (Sunset Hwy).  It was a really beautiful drive of an area we hadn't seen before.  Lots of apple orchards, vineyards, and we even found the concord grapes-yum.

Haystacks-looks like lava

For our family golf outing, we went to Rock Island Golf Course.  This was a really fun course and although it is walkable, it seemed to take forever to walk.  By the time we were done, our bodies were tired and sore. It took us about 5 1/2 hours to finish and we weren't even waiting for anyone in front of us.  It was very windy-not sure if it always is.  The back nine was really nice as it wound through an apple orchard.  We had a blast playing together and it always amazes me how good my kids are at the game.  I, too, had some good shots if I do say so myself. :)
One of the many long fairways

Apple Blossom

We only spent a couple of days in Wenatchee, but we had a good time.  The weather was nice, but when we got home it was still raining. :(

Did some geocaching-these ducks were following me.

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