Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

My day started off great.  My kids surprised me with breakfast in bed.  Waffles (from my new waffle maker gift) and bacon.  They also got me a petunia hanging basket and a novel: Daddy's Gone A Hunting by Mary Higgins Clark.  Can't wait to read it!
For lunch we went to Ezell's Chicken.  There are several locations in the Seattle area, this one is located in Woodinville.  They have awesome fried chicken.  Really crispy and tender.  You can choose to get spicy or regular. My husband is not a fried chicken guy, but he loves Ezell's.  We just ordered enough for a snack because we wanted to save our appetite for dinner and we were on our way to get ice-cream.  We ordered 1 pound of chicken strips (came with 2 dinner rolls), which fed DH and both kids.  I ordered the 2 piece dark meat: leg and thigh (with dinner roll).  We really enjoyed the chicken. I didn't pay much attention to the flavor, I just noticed how crunchy and tender it was and that they rival KFC.  Too bad Ezell's is not close by, or maybe it's a good thing. :)  In the past, DH had ordered the spicy chicken strips and those were flavorful.

Snoqualmie Ice Cream Cafe is located in Maltby, WA.  That is where they make all their wonderful ice-cream   They do tours for school groups, but there is a self-guided walking tour in their garden, which is quite small.  Unfortunately, they do not do tours inside the actual factory.  I think they might be working on getting a permit for that or they just don't allow it so the ice-cream doesn't get contaminated. The cafe serves coffee, espresso, and sandwiches.  They are growing their own lavender farm, so they had a couple of lavender flavored ice-creams, but I didn't get a chance to try those.  There is also a geocache in the garden, so look for that one too.  For Mother's Day, they were upgrading a one scoop of ice cream to a sundae for moms.

I don't have much of a review for this cafe because all I tried was a scoop of the Kahlua Almond Fudge, which was pretty good.  DH ordered a 2 scoop cone: Coconut and Cherry Amaretto Chip.  He liked the flavor combination.  They sell their ice-cream at retail stores too.

For dinner we went to Wild Fin.  They were gifting all moms with a little plant.  I received an African Marigold.

It looks sad, but hopefully it will grow nicely in the garden.  I saw other moms getting prettier plants, but I wasn't about to complain and ask for a different one. :)
My kids were so sweet.  They told me they loved me and were thankful for everything I do for them.  They are so totally worth it!!!

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