Wednesday, July 10, 2013

17th Anniversary

We are celebrating 17 wonderful years of marriage together.  I can say my husband is very well invested in our relationship.  After all these years, he's still very affectionate with me and constantly wants me by his side.  Every now and then he'll want to talk about our relationship, just to make sure we are still connected.  Our marriage is stronger now than it ever has been.  We really worked through some tough times, but God has always been our saving grace.  Through love and faith we have endured.

My husband also started following a Marriage Facebook page.  I really don't know how long he has been following until he recently shared it with me.  The messages it shares are very inspiring and thought provoking.  I encourage all married couples or those about to get married to check out this facebook page to glean some great information.  Here are a few examples:

Strive to be a source of joy and not a source of stress for your spouse. Be an oasis they want to escape to; not someone they want to escape from.

Every marriage faces difficulties, but don't let those difficulties become an excuse to quit. Walking away from your spouse because your marriage is hard is like walking away from your children just because parenting is hard. Fight for your marriage in the difficult times and never give up on each other!

If you're married, then the word "my" needs to be replaced with the word "our". Your possessions and even your problems now belong to both of you, so share the joys and also share the burdens. Don't claim ownership; claim partnership

If you live to please people, you'll end up frustrated. If you live to please God, you'll end up blessed

And a fun Ecard:

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To celebrate, we decided to have lunch at the Salish Lodge and Spa in Snoqualmie.  It's located at the top of Snoqualmie Falls, which is a destination for many visitors.  There are 2 dining areas at the Salish.  The Dining Room, more formal, only serves brunch during summer months so we opted to go to The Attic Lounge. We got there early enough that we were able to get a window table overlooking the falls.  It's a lounge, so their lunch menu isn't that big.  Lots of small plates and appetizers to choose from, though.  For an appetizer I really wanted to try their Salish Seafood Chowder, but today they didn't have any.  Seemed odd to me, since they just opened for the day and too soon to be sold out. Instead, we chose the Mt. Townsend Cirrus ($11).  It came with brie, grapes, honey fig preserves, la panzanelle crackers, and some nuts (marcona almonds?) Yummy, Yummy!  It was a small platter, enough for only 2 people.  We love brie cheese and the figs with preserves was a great combination with the crackers.

They have wood-fired pizzas baked at 900 degrees.  DH ordered the Fennel Sausage Pizza ($16).  It came with roasted garlic and cured black olives for an added punch of flavor, otherwise it tasted bland.  The crust was nice and crispy.

I ordered the Artisan Ham Sandwich ($15).  It came with mornay, stone ground mustard, and brie on a toasted artisan roll and arugula salad on the side.  The brie was melted and gooey.  It was a really good sandwich and the arugula was refreshing.  Iced tea was $4 a glass. Yikes! Should have stuck with water, but it was good tea.  We were so stuffed that we opted out of dessert.  I planned to make dessert for DH anyway.  Something with key lime, since that's one of his favorites.  I didn't plan very well.  I would have liked to do a key lime cheesecake or pie, but those require overnight refrigeration and I needed it today.  I found a recipe for Key Lime Cake on AllRecipes and chose to make that.

We really enjoyed our lunch at Salish Lodge.  The view was amazing from our table.  It was our first time dining here and it's very pricey, but lunch is more affordable.  When they start serving lunch in the Dining Room (after the summer months) I would like to go back, since that menu looks like it has more to offer.  We will try their dinner menu one of these days, it looks really good too.

This Key Lime Cake was really good and very simple to make.  It really took
care of my husband's key lime cravings. 

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