Monday, September 23, 2013

Breakfast at Salish Lodge

With our family visiting, we thought we would take them to a special breakfast at the Dining Room at Salish Lodge.  We had heard from many people that their breakfast was outstanding.  Boy, were we disappointed to say the least.

First off, our server was abrupt and did not set a good tone for our dining experience.  She might have realized that a little too late because it seemed she tried to be nicer.

We went on a weekend, so it was brunch, which I'm told is not much different from their breakfast menu.  The prices here are expensive and you can view the menu on their website.  My husband and son opted to get the Salish Country Breakfast ($34).  It's quite a feast!  It started off with a bakery basket, which had some coffee cake and muffins in it.  DH said it tasted like dirt.  The pastries were very dry and seemed like they were several days old.  Next came pancakes and fresh fruits.  Those they deemed to be pretty good.  Third, they got a bowl of steel cut oats with some dried fruits.  By now, they are getting kind of full.  DH ate his bowl, but the others who ordered this breakfast didn't touch theirs.  Then came the protein: eggs, sausage and bacon.  My son was so full he barely touched his last plate.  I knew his eyes would be bigger than his stomach.  Luckily, they had a kid's version of this breakfast for $22.  My husband got an upset stomach after eating.  We are not sure if he overate, or if he ate something bad.

I ordered the Salish Classic ($19). This had 3 eggs, smoked apple sausage, bacon, ham, hashed potatoes and a biscuit.  Look at all those eggs! That had to have been more than 3.  They came unseasoned, which I guess is the norm, so people can add their own salt and pepper.  The meats were good.  I liked the flavor of the smoked apple sausage.  The hashed potatoes were hard, as if they were burnt scrapings off the bottom of the pan. Really crusty and hard to chew. The biscuit is no southern style biscuit.  Flat and dry, very disappointing!!

 My daughter ordered the Ham Shank Hash ($22)  She asked for scrambled eggs, but got the poached instead.  Our server did rectify the mistake and brought her some scrambled eggs.  I didn't taste this dish, but my daughter said she liked it and that it was good.

My B-I-L (brother-in-law) ordered the cheeseburger with bacon ($18) and he liked it.  Not a breakfast food, but it was brunch, so they had a few items available in the lunch section.

My husband and in-laws are from the south where one of their favorite breakfast places are: Cracker Barrel.  As fancy and expensive as the Salish Lodge is, their breakfast does not hold a candle to the Cracker Barrel breakfast.  We had high hopes, but they fell flat.  I don't know if this is normal or if the chef had an off day, but it is unacceptable, especially with the prices they are charging.  We've been wanting to try their dinner service, but after this horrible dining experience, I think we will pass on that.  However, these tiny tabasco bottles were really cute. :)
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