Thursday, January 16, 2014

Similan Thai Cuisine

We were in the Issaquah area, and wanted to try Dickey's BBQ.  Come to find out that they closed down.  I don't think they were there very long.  The location of the plaza is behind a Bartell's and you wouldn't even know it was there.  Next door to Dickey's is Similan Thai Cuisine, so we decided to give it a try.  I was bummed because I normally see coupons in the Val-Pak for this place, but I didn't have one with me.  Even though this restaurant is tucked behind Bartell's, they still seem to get a lot of business and they have been there for about 4 years now.

The restaurant is kind of small and they were quite busy for lunch time.  I really liked the decorations and the lay out of the restaurant.  Some people have complained about the customer service which is so-so.  We had 3 people helping us.  The lady who sat us and filled our waters was friendly.  Our waitress was friendly, but when we got the wrong order, she didn't acknowledge it.  When we told the food runner, my daughter got the wrong dish, she didn't seem too friendly about it.  I'll explain later.

To start off, we each got a little bowl of complimentary soup, which was pretty good.  We ordered off their lunch combination meals and my husband and I both got the Red Curry with Chicken and Phad Thai ($10)  When the dish came out, it looked very appealing, but the portion looked small for the price, though still the right amount of food.  I know at another restaurant, the same combo was cheaper and the plate was loaded.  I requested 2 stars of heat for my curry, and let me tell you, it was plenty of heat.  The whole dish was delicious.  The curry was so flavorful and the phad thai was perfect.  The phad thai in the combo comes without meat.  It was all very filling, mostly carbs.

My daughter ordered the Panang Curry with Chicken Satay ($10).  This is where the mistake came in.  Unfortunately, we didn't say the Panang Curry combo, so they brought out the entrée without the chicken satay.  When we told the food runner we wanted the combo, she just took the whole plate away and my poor daughter had to wait much longer for the combo plate.  All they had to do was just bring out a couple of satay sticks.  Our server heard us tell the food runner that we got the wrong dish, but she didn't
acknowledge us.  So, make sure you mention combo, if that's what you want.  When the food runner brought out the right plate, she was a bit nicer.  My daughter loved her dish.  I took a taste of the panang curry and it was very flagrant. You know, flavor + fragrant= flagrant.

My son ordered the Phad Thai entrée with Chicken. ($9)   
We will definitely go back to this restaurant.  The food was excellent!!

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  1. I love Asian cuisine, but often find I get a headache or feel sick afterwards. Do you think they add flavoring to their foods?

    1. I know I get sick when eating at certain Asian restaurants like Panda Express, so I don't eat there. I didn't have any ill effects after eating here and most restaurants say they don't use MSG. Most Asian food is loaded with sodium and sugar which could contribute to headaches and such. I think the curries are probably a safe option.


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