Friday, February 14, 2014

Bistro Baffi

Happy Valentine's Day!!  We celebrate ours a day early to avoid all the hubbub and the disappointment of florists running out of red roses, like this post.

My husband took me out, but didn't tell me where we were going.  He was adamant we leave by a certain time.  I knew we were going out to dinner, but he usually doesn't rush.  So I thought maybe we were going to a theater or dinner and a show.  Instead it was dinner from a show. :) 

A few days ago, we were watching TV and Mystery Diners from Food Network came on.  The restaurant featured was from Burien, Wa, so we decided to continue watching it.  The restaurant is called Bistro Baffi and I started laughing when I found out that's where we were dining.

As soon as we walked in, we recognized one of the servers from the show and Chef Michael was walking around talking to customers.  He was even delivering food and showing specials.  He disappeared when it started getting busy. Our server happened to be Stacy, whom we are pretty sure is from the show.

The menu has great options to choose from and goes from moderately priced to higher premium dishes.  It was very difficult to choose.  I usually go for creamy white sauces and they did have alfredo, but I decided to go with a dish featuring the Chef's signature pink spicy sauce.  The servers come by with a couple of trays, showing us the specials and foods, such as stuffed mushrooms or the salmon entrée.  We were served complimentary bread with a dip of oil, balsamic, and basil.  Very good!  As an appetizer, we went with the Pizza Romano.  Wow!!!  It was thin, crisp crust with cheese, prosciutto, and arugula.  The flavors were amazing and I loved the crust. We were sure to only eat a couple of slices each and save the rest for our kids.  Besides, we had plenty of carb loaded entrees coming our way.

I chose Penne alla Mike.  It has penne, prawns, shiitake and portabella mushrooms in spicy pink sauce.  We've been avoiding seafood for awhile because of Fukushima, but decided to indulge and hope I don't start glowing.  The signature sauce is fantastic.  It had a little bit of heat, but not too much.  There was so much flavor in this dish and the prawns were delish.  They still had their shells on, so it was a bit of effort to peel, but so very worth it.

DH ordered Ravioli D'Aragosta.  Ravioli stuffed with lobster and topped with spicy pink sauce.  You'd think our two dishes would have a similar flavor because of the sauce, but they had very different flavor profiles.  These raviolis were made with homemade pasta, so you can tell the difference in texture from commercial raviolis.  They were packed with flavor and tasted so much better than similar raviolis from another chain restaurant. 

Being Valentine's Day, we decided to order dessert.  It was hard to pass up Tiramisu, but we really wanted to try the Chocolate Walnut cake.  While waiting for dessert, my husband looked at me and said, "I love you so much!"  Then BAM!, a vase of long stemmed red roses show up on the table.  How romantic and thoughtful my husband is!  The chocolate walnut cake was not what we were expecting.  We were thinking it was cake, like real cake, with flour and frosting.  This dessert had several layers of walnut filling separated with a fudgey chocolate ganache.  I guess we should have read the menu-it did say flourless!  Nevertheless, it was actually pretty good after we got passed our first bite.  You know how your expectations make something taste different than it actually is?!?  This dessert really did taste good and we felt better eating it than any other dessert.  All those good healthy fats in walnuts, right? 

The restaurant was packed and we wondered how many of them saw the show. Otherwise, how do they really know of this place. It is located in Burien and in a really strange low-key location.  It's like a hole in the wall kind of place, but it's not a hole in the wall kind of place.  The décor and the ambiance were beautiful and romantic.  They are only open for dinner Monday-Saturday from 5pm-10pm, so we highly recommend making reservations.  It was crowded on a Thursday, though it was the night before Valentine's Day.  The service was great.  We did want to ask Stacy about the show, but she was rushing back and forth, and we didn't want to take up her time.  Chef Michael has personality.  We didn't get to talk to him, but he did deliver our bread. :) 

Bistro Baffi on UrbanspoonBistro Baffi is the perfect date night restaurant.  My husband did a good job!

As for my gift to my husband, I ordered these sweatshirts from Marriage-Gateway  We follow this Marriage facebook page and we always see couples wearing these shirts, so he laughed when I came downstairs wearing mine and presenting him his own sweatshirt.

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