Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The British Pantry

We went to Neville's Restaurant this past weekend with our daughter and her friend.  It's a British restaurant and gift shop/bakery.  DD and her friend love Dr. Who, and wants to visit London so badly.  Well, this is as close as we can get at the moment.  I never knew this place was here.  We had our Around the World Cooking Class on England months ago in this post. So it was fun to try some authentic British food.

Our server was neither friendly nor rude, just efficient.  DH ordered the Royal Tea (I think it was Royal, they have a few different plate options), but wasn't offered a choice of tea, nor did we know he had a choice.  We overheard the other table being offered a choice, so now we know.  But, the house tea that he was given was really good.  The teapot came in a cute little cozy.  The dish consisted of some cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, fruits, jam, and a tart (which tasted like almond, and delish).  Our first taste of crumpets and we really liked it.  We divided this tiny little tart into 4 pieces, so we each could have a bite.

DD ordered the Fish and Chips (small, which means 1 fish).  It was perfectly fried, both the fish and the chips.  The fries were thick and golden.  The batter was crisp and the fish was nice and firm. It was not greasy or mushy at all.  Although it was very good, I have to say the recipe I used in our cooking class for the batter and the tartar sauce were just as good or better.

DD's friend ordered the Vegetarian Salad, which looked like a garden salad with a side of potato salad.  She said that it was really good.

I ordered the Lancashire Pasty.  It is a pastry filled with ground beef and some vegetables.  It has a pot pie kind of flavor.  It tasted good, and in the middle was some gravy.  I really did like the dish and it was very filling, but not something I crave.  If/when we go back, I would try something new.

After lunch, we looked around the little shop.  It is loaded with all kinds of British treats and snacks.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the Jaffa cakes my husband loves, or maybe that's a good thing.  It's a hot item and they sell out fast every time they get it in.  They had all kinds of cute gifty things.  I found these measuring spoons by Ganz and loved them so much, I had to get a set.  Regardless of the $20 price tag.  I thought these were exclusive to England, but you know what?  Amazon carries them too. Ganz ER27033 Mom Measuring Spoons - 'Mom, the Heart of Our Home'  This link looks like the set I bought.  They are made from zinc alloy and are suppose to be lead free from what I looked up.

The bottom right is a blueberry pie

The bakery had quite the selection of tarts, so we picked out a few.  I got the pecan tart and everyone else got the Viennese.  We all enjoyed them and they are the perfect size for a little treat.  They also have their meat filled pasties you can purchase and bake up at home.  They had other meat filling besides the flavor I had for lunch, like a chicken curry.

I guess the whole place is considered The British Pantry and we really enjoyed our time there.  The shop was fun to look around.  DH plans to take our son their for an English breakfast, since he couldn't join us for lunch.  Definitely stop by this place and give it a try.

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